Welcome to my website! With everyone staying at home and spending most of their time online connecting through their cell phone, iPad, laptop or computer, I’d like to share a bit about myself and my passions.

Computer programming in Asp.Net Core and Entity Framework Core, AngularJS and Angular 8, and complex C#, SQL, jQuery, RESTful Api and WCF for web application and windows application.

Angular: Building Dynamic Web Application Using Angular 8, view blog.

ASP.NET Core MVC and EF Core: Constructing REST APIs using ASP.NET Core MVC and Entity Framework Core, view blog.

REACT Application: Calling a RESTful API in REACT, view blog.

Gardening, especially exotic flowers, in South Florida with our hot weather and very wet or very dry seasons. I love to plant some flowers, fruits and trees. view page.

Fashion: Fashion is art. How do you dress up is like how an artist creates art. Fashion is one of my hobby. Occasionally, I like to design and make a cloth, dress, or knit a sweater with new idea sometimes, view page.

Chinese folk dancing: I believe dancing can help women learn to be graceful from movement, improve themselves mentally and physically, and build the confidence necessary to work through the stresses of work and daily life. Besides, it can build up muscle and lose weight. view page.

Lucy Zhuang May, 2020
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